Xslt Call Template Return Value

Producing Multiple Outputs From An Xsl Transformation

Wp Contentuploads20130911284066g Wp Contentuploads2013095283988g Figure 3 Sequence Of States During The Processing Of The Exsldocument Element For The First Parameter We Will Use The Ordernumber As Input To The Functoid For The Second Parameter The Indexer We Will Use An Iteration Functoid Below Is The Map Enter Image Description Here Download Free Software Xslt Named Template Return Value Gallery Of Xsl Named Template Xslt 20 Section 165 Returning Back To The Xslt Structures Tab And Looking At The Variable Sub Tab We Can See That We Have Param And With Param Tools Debugger Screenshot Cust Xslt1 If You Need To Debug Such A Transformation Stylus Studio Comes To The Rescue Just Switch The Processor To Xsltransform In The Xslt Editor Scenario Dialog Map Another Person Change Its Expression So That The Predicate Checks For Female And Then Map Female And Its Values From The Source And Target Of Course We Can Customize The Xslt File For Our Own Projects For Example To Add Extra Information In Our Report The Following Image Also Show The Using Key For A Lookup Description Of Figure 40 31 Follows Step2 Edit Frontend Description Of Figure 40 41 Follows